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The development and progress of humanity requires new models of communication, cooperation and production. These models require more and more, highly efficient actions. The world needs companies with management capacity, competitiveness, responsibility and commitment. The knowledge economy places technology and science as the sources of new paradigms capable of changing the culture of communities in very short times.

Terragene® has a broad group of technicians specialized in microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, chemistry, molecular biology and electronics, who guarantee the best after-sales technical assistance to bring solutions to clients.



Terragene® is dedicated to the design, development, production and marketing of high quality products. These are manufactured under specific quality standards and norms with the aim of providing medical, biotechnological and electronic devices that meet the requirements established by customers in the national and international markets, maintaining and improving the level of effectiveness of the products offered over time.


Terragene®’s mission is to improve people’s quality of life through constant innovation in technologies applied to infection control, agro-industrial development, environmental care and energy production.


The commitment is to innovate permanently and offer new technologies produced under sustainable production systems. The management policy consists essentially of R&D as the fundamental axis of growth and the search for competitiveness. Innovation and investment are fundamental concepts in Terragene®’s strategic vision.



The corporate values that are reflected in daily actions consist of teamwork, competitiveness, loyalty, confidentiality, continuous improvement actions, professionalism, permanent training, innovation, cooperation and care for the environment.


ICBC Foreign Trade Award 2016


Terragene Success Story 2017 

“Buenos Negocios”

Galicia Bank

Export Award Argentina 2018

Argentina´s National Bank

Industrial Achievement Award

FISFE 2018

Santa Fe Industrial Federation

VIII Export Excellence Award

Innovative Export 2018

La Nacion- Galicia Bank

Innovation SME Award 2019

Clarín – Galicia Bank

Connected to Grow Award

Innovation 2019

HSBC – La Nación

Golden SME Award 2019

Clarín – Galicia Bank

Export Awards 2020 –

International Development

Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Argentine Republic